Preventative / Hygiene

At Craft Dentistry, our preventative and hygiene services are one of the most important aspects in our office.  As we eat, food is broken down in the mouth before being swallowed and further digested.  The initial digestion that starts in the mouth creates plaque (a sticky substance of food and bacteria).  When we brush and floss at home, it helps remove these plaques.  Plaque build-up causes tooth decay, calculus formation (tartar), and eventually periodontal disease (bone loss) if left untreated.  See the pictures showing illustrations of these steps.

After your new patient exam, the dentist and hygienist work to come up with a treatment plan.  We will address areas of plaque and calculus, get the initial cleaning done (or bring the patient back if needs are excessive) and bring the mouth to a state of health.  At Craft Dentistry we are BIG on patient education.  We will give you and your family the tools to prevent excessive plaque formation, calculus formation, and preserve the bone that hold the teeth in place.  After the initial cleaning, we come up with a plan for each patient to maintain their dental health.  Not everyone is the same.  Some people need cleanings more often and some less depending upon how fast tartar formation occurs.

At Craft Dentistry, we view the mouth as an important part of overall health.  Call us today for a new patient exam and allow us to be part of your overall health team!